First Appearance

"A Comet's Tale"

Latest Appearance

"One is the Loneliest Number"

Primary Color(s)

Spring-Green (body), Flame-Red/Maroon Brown (hair), Violet Purple (suit)

Voice Actor

Cam Clarke

Bula is a green alien and one of the main protagonists of The Zula Patrol. He always desires to help others on their tasks, including the members of his crew.


Bula is compassionate, patient, and likes to assist other characters in the series. He can worry a lot, though, and likes things to be set on a schedule. He is fairly intelligent like Zeeter, and has an interest in the solar system and constellations. He is best friends with Zeeter and Iris, as he can remember the time when he, Iris Bloodshot, and Zeeter were in Zula Scouts. While he is often the one trying to keep his teammates (especially Zeeter) out of trouble, his own cluelessness can often land him in trouble of his own. He is known to be quite serious when it comes to missions, and never backs down in the face of danger. In "Bula's Heroes: The Great Camouflage Caper", he had a great fear of bugs, but later came to love them after they saved his life during their mission.


Bula is a bright-green alien with a dark-purple zipped-suit that serves as the main outift for the Zula Patrol. He has thin arms that reach down to his legs, eight fingers (four on each hand), and a short-stalk of red-hair. He also has two green antennae on his head.

However in the fourth season, Bula's appearance has changed drastically due to his growth. He now does not have the original suit he had in the first 3 seasons. Instead, he wore more of an armor-fashioned space-suit, and he is much more muscular in the upper body as well. His hair has also changed; instead of the bright red stalk he had originally, it is now curlier and browner than before, looking almost maroon in color.

In the episode "Going Through a Phase", when he turns into a Zulean weremouse, his appearance changes in accordance to the moon phase changes. His body turns gray and he gains the ears, whiskers, tail and snout of a mouse. 

Episode Relevance

Since Bula is one of the main-protagonists, he had already appeared in all of the episodes of the entire-series. He first appeared in "A Comet's Tale" which was his debut, and later finally-appeared in "One is the Loneliest Number".


  • Please note that this does not list all dialogue from Bula in the series.

"This is a job for the Zula Patrol!"- Official catchphrase

"The ground might be soggy, we'll have to put-on our exploring-gloshes."- "Round and Round We Go"

"This case just became personal."- "Case of the Missing Rings"

"What he needs is a good pet-talk, and we're just the team to give it to him."- "The Outsider"


  • In every episode, Bula mostly says his official-catchphrase when it comes to a mission; "This is a job for the Zula Patrol!". His crew does not neccesarly get annoyed by Bula though.

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