Zulean Space Puppy

First Appearance

"A Comet's Tale"

Latest Appearance

"One is the Loneliest Number"

Primary Color(s)

Green, Purple and Yellow

Voice Actor

Frank Welker

Gorga is the Zula Patrol's space pet, and Bula's companion. He has the ability to snort just about anything out of his snout. He is most often seen with Wizzy and Wigg.


Gorga is a very playful puppy, and gets along well with Wizzy, Wigg and Bula. Like the rest of the team, he doesn't like Multo's cooking at all. Despite being a puppy, he has some traits where he acts like a normal alien, such as dancing and playing musical instruments. He can have his feelings easily hurt, as "Dog Gone Gorga" and The Zula Patrol: Under the Weather have shown. He is very loyal to the team, as they rescued him from a circusmaster who tried to capture him.